• If you're familiar with the LG Therma V heating, cooling and hot water solution, you'll understand that the Therma V Air to Water Heat Pump (AWHP) capabilities conserve on energy consumption and costs. But Therma V AWHP technology goes beyond simply providing more efficient climate control and hot water. It also offers a smaller system footprint that can replace traditional boiler systems while implementing a more eco-friendly refrigerant solution with the use of R32 refrigerant. LG has released its latest upgrade for this solution in the Therma V R32 IWT (Integrated Water Tank) unit. This all-in-one solution for heating, cooling and hot water supply is just as sleek in its design as it is efficient and environmentally friendly.

Therma V R32 IWT in the cozy house Therma V R32 IWT in the cozy house
An integrated water tank form factor saves space and make installation easier
  • Integrated?

    What sets the Therma V R32 IWT apart is the incorporation of a water tank, a buffer tank and hydronic components with the indoor unit. This sleek and minimal design allows the indoor unit to cleanly meld into the interior design of a home for the ideal residential heating, cooling and hot water solution. Saving space with appliances in houses and other residential complexes provides more overall freedom in the design and aesthetic of the home. With a 2L capacity integrated into the indoor unit, the Therma V R32 IWT eliminates the need for an additional water tank installation. Additionally, a buffer tank and expansion tank can be including in the initial installation for an expended system without a larger footprint. A 19% decrease in volume and 39% decrease in weight compared to previous models reduce the footprint for easier installation and maintenance. Even more, the indoor and outdoor units are only connected by refrigerant piping, which eliminates the risk of pipes bursting when the weather is cold.

'-5℃, Target Temperature 22℃ Target Temperature 24℃, 30℃  '-5℃, Target Temperature 22℃ Target Temperature 24℃, 30℃
Reach individual target temperatures simultaneously and faster.
  • Eco-Friendly and Efficient.

    LG's own R1 compressor and the implementation of R32 refrigerant are what drives the unmatched efficiency of the Therma V R32 IWT. The R1 shaft-through scroll compressor structure eliminates the tilt effect during compressor operation to reduce energy consumption while improving durability and reliability. This inverter compressor solution also helps each zone within the home reach its target temperature faster with less energy consumption. Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, with a 68% lower Global Warming Potential than the conventional R410A refrigerant, also allows owners to reduce the impact of their system on the environment. In addition to the peak performance provided by the Therma V R32 IWT itself, ThinQ connectivity amps up the efficiency even more while providing comprehensive system control and monitoring. As with all LG appliances, the Therma V R32 IWT can sync with the LG ThinQ app and access the full range of functionality all from a mobile device. The Standard III remote control also makes the system intuitive and easy to use.

'1st zone Target Temperature 25℃ 2nd zone Target Temperature 20℃ '1st zone Target Temperature 25℃ 2nd zone Target Temperature 20℃
The Therma V R32 IWT Hydrosplit option controls climate in multiple rooms simultaneously
  • “With the new Therma V R32 IWT, we wanted to create an ideal solution for the residential environment that presents optimal performance and energy efficiency, at the same time making it attractive in design.” said Lee Kam-gyu, Executive Vice President of Air Solution Business Unit at LG’s Home Appliance and Air Solution. He adds, “As a total HVAC and energy solution provider, LG will continue to introduce products that contribute to enriching nature and human life.”

'Schedule Setting, Energy Monitoring with LG ThinQ 'Schedule Setting, Energy Monitoring with LG ThinQ
Comprehensive control and monitoring with ThinQ connectivity streamlines system management
  • This new addition to the Therma V lineup is right in line with LG's commitment to provide customers with performance, efficiency and environmentally conscious solutions. Integrated hot water supply is optimizing and revolutionizing HVAC solutions for residential spaces.

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