• AHR Expo 2020, the world’s largest HVACR conference and convention, opened on February 3-5 in Orlando, Florida. The exposition attracts thousands of exhibitors and professionals from around the world and provides a platform to exchange ideas that promote the latest innovations in the industry. LG Electronics also took the opportunity to showcase their extensive line up of commercial, light and residential HVAC solutions for 2020 at AHR. Furthermore, LG was the proud recipient of the exclusive 2020 AHR Innovation Award for one of its offerings as we will discuss below.

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The LG booth at AHR 2020 featured a wide range of LG Solutions
  • Expanding Integration Key at AHR for LG

    Along with exhibiting other groundbreaking products such as their Multi V VRF solution, LG introduced their Coil Communication Kit that allows for seamless integration of their smart inverter condensing units with third-party coils. This application allows LG to expand the benefits they can provide to customers through connection to third-part and legacy furnaces or AHUs for light and residential systems. These benefits extend to compatibility with third-party thermostats and LG’s line of comprehensive and intuitive control solutions

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The LG Console Indoor Unit offers a flexible solution for residential heating and cooling
  • Further System Integration brings More Benefits to Customers

    LG also featured a full line up of solutions. The LG Console Indoor Unit was launched at AHR 2020 as the ideal solution for heating, cooling, and dehumidification. This product offers single and multiple-zone configurations and is optimal for environments with pitched or raised ceilings. The Console Indoor Unit is compatible with LG ThinQ control systems, which makes it fit seamlessly into a smart home ecosystem and can be controlled from anywhere via mobile devices. The LG Rooftop Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (RT DOAS) solution was also featured at AHS with a wide range of capacities up to 70 tons. The redesigned DOAS units allow for heating, cooling, and dehumidification with 100% outside air while providing accurate automatic conditioning and control of supply air. This accurate control is made possible through upgraded inverter scroll compressors that reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency and reduce noise emissions. The LG AHU Conversion Kit was another solution shown at AHR that further extends benefits to customers through third-party integration. The AHU Conversion Kit allows third-party AHUs to be easily connected with LG Multi V VRF systems. This application is ideal for commercial environments that where specific codes require capacities or specs beyond solutions provided by LG. The AHU Conversion Kit includes the LG Electronic Expansion Value (EEV) Kit and Communication Kit and allows all customers to benefit from LG VRF system efficiency.

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New award-winning LG Hydro Kit gives hot water with heat recovery for residential applications
  • The Award goes to…

    The highlight of AHR 2020 for LG was winning the 2020 AHR Innovation Award for their Hydro Kit solution. The LG Hydro Kit is an indoor heat exchanger for LG VRF systems, capable of transferring heat or cooling energy expelled from the air conditioning process to provide hot water with the efficiency of LG heat recovery and heat pump systems. The scaled-down capacities of 42,000 and 96,000 Btu/h allows homeowners to benefit from heating and cooling efficiencies that were previously only available for larger commercial facilities. The outgoing water temperatures of 5-25°C (41-77°F) cooling and 20-50°C (68-122°F) heating make the Hydro Kit suitable for a wide range of residential applications.

    Each year, AHR provides us with a global stage to show off our innovative solutions and AHR 2020 was no different. We are particularly of our award-winning LG Hydro Kit and are happy to be able to provide our customers with new ways to experience the benefits of efficient and intuitive LG solutions. We hope to so you next year at AHR as well!

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