• The LG brand has become synonymous with providing cutting-edge products that enrich the lives of their users. But LG goes beyond offering innovative products to deliver business solutions that ensure the success of customers and partners. This is true across a wide array of industries and HVAC is no exception. In the hospitality sector, hotel administrators have the complex responsibility of managing the comfort of guests, securing the energy efficiency of their facility and maintaining optimal operation of systems within the hotel. LG is ensuring that customers in hospitality are achieving their goals through HVAC solutions that are optimized for comfortable, efficient and reliable hotel applications.

Example of Spaces in Hotels Example of Spaces in Hotels
LG solution provide comfort and luxury through all spaces in hotels
  • Optimized for Comfort

    The reputation of a hotel relies heavily on the experience of the guests. While hotels offer many facilities to provide guests with the best experience during their stay, it can be a challenge to maintain comfortable climate control through these diverse spaces. From high-ceiling lobbies to guest rooms, conference rooms and spas, LG HVAC solution are providing optimal comfort throughout luxury hotels around the world. The LG Multi V 5 provides the capacity to heat and cool throughout large spaces such as lobbies and indoor units such as the LG DUAL Vane Cassette can provide airflow a far as 5 meters from the ceiling to the floor. The wide range of indoor units deliver simultaneous heating and cooling while providing a luxurious aesthetic throughout a hotel.

DUAL Vane Cassette installed in a hotel lobby DUAL Vane Cassette installed in a hotel lobby
Comprehensive control systems deliver efficiency and convenience
  • Optimized for Efficiency

    Conserving energy and reducing operating costs are at the top of the list of priorities for hotel administrators and LG HVAC solutions are delivering efficiency ideal for hotels. The Multi V solution with LG Hydro Kit heat recovery system allows facilities to recycle waste heat from heating and cooling. Not only can these systems provide simultaneous heating and cooling, but they can also provide hot water for showers and amenities like indoor pools. In addition to unmatched efficiency from these solutions, LG also provides comprehensive central control solutions that can be integrated with a hotel BMS for streamlined control throughout the entire facility. Centralized control and monitoring provided by LG BECON allows administrators to keep their finger on the pulse of their climate control system and manage everything from detailed scheduling to precise monitoring of energy consumption across all spaces in the hotel.

Using the control system with the mobile phone Using the control system with the mobile phone
LG technicians have the tools to provide fast and accurate maintenance services
  • Optimized for Reliability

    Maintenance and service support are essential to the dependability and long life of a product. LG provides customers full-scale maintenance and service solutions to ensure customer get the most from their HVAC systems. Each system is different and requires custom services and attention to detail. With the LG BECON solution, engineers are able to monitor each component of a system remotely and even proactively access when a component needs service or replacing before an issue occurs. Maintenance solutions such as LG MV also help technicians to quickly and effectively determine the causes of any issues occurring throughout the system and provide the precise service to resolve any problems on site. Through innovative maintenance and service, LG can ensure the efficient operation of HVAC systems.

    LG strives to provide ideal solution that meet the unique needs of each of its customers. Each hotel has unique requirements and LG is proud to meet the challenges presented at each facility. We will continue to innovate and optimize our products and services to guarantee the success of our customers.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.
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