• 2 years ago, we had the opportunity to work with a unique individual who puts adventure at the forefront of his experience. From exploring the countryside on his bike to ambitious DIY projects, Adventure King runs a YouTube channel that allows his viewers to join him on his exploits and learn a few things along the way. In 2018, Adventure King experimented with making both a DIY home air conditioner and a DIY personal mobile air conditioner and the results were impressive. This time around, we've cranked the ambition level up a notch with a DIY air purifier. As always, Adventure King was up for the challenge.

Design Drawing Design Drawing
  • The Master's Tools

    Adventure King begins the project with some planning and a simple sketch before diving straight into it. Once the wheels are in motion, he discovers exactly what he needs to complete the project along the way. Before we delve into his methods, let's see what materials Adventure King put to use in constructing his DIY air purifier.

Materials Materials
  • If there is one thing you can say about Adventure King, it's that he is resourceful. With just a few choice materials, he sets out with a goal in mind. But how will he complete his mission?

Attaching the air filters to the frame Attaching the air filters to the frame
Adventure King attaches the air filters to the frame
  • The Master's Methods

    To get started, Adventure King set out to create the frame of the air purifier. He assembles the frame using wood and seals the frame with silicone adhesive. He then attaches the air filters and installs the fan. At this point, he has a crude air purifier in place, but that's not where this story ends. The next stage in this mission is to create an air purifier that doesn't consume electricity. Adventure King then sets out to allow his air purifier to be connected to his bike for a truly environmentally friendly air purification system.

Crafting components Crafting components
Crafting components to connect the bike to the air purifier fan
  • After crafting and assembling a few key components, the green air purifier is ready for testing. Can this contraption truly purify the air? In order to be sure, Adventure King prepares a device to test how effectively his creation can remove fine dust from the air.

Testing the air purifier Testing the air purifier
Testing the air purifier to see how well it removes fine dust from the air
  • After a few minutes of powering the air purifier with his bike, he checks the results. Surprisingly, he is able to show a reduction in fine dust levels in his home. The results from the bike-powered air purifier actually turned out better than his initial electricity-powered purifier. It looks like Adventure King accomplished his mission!

Testing the air purifier 2 Testing the air purifier 2

We'd like to thank Adventure King for all the work he put into this project and for sharing his results with all of us. For more content from Adventure King, check out his YouTube channel here:

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