LTD Analysis/
Tube Cleaning
LTD Analysis/
Tube Cleaning
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LTD(Cond.) = Cond. Ref. Temp. – Cooling Water Outlet Temperature
LTD(Evap.) = Chilled Water Outlet Temperature – Evap. Ref. Temp.
  • A two-dimensional straight graph Representing LTD Analysis.

    LTD Analysis

    LTD lift is an index that shows whether the heat exchange performance of your chiller’s tube is deteriorating (LTD Management Criteria: Below 3°C).

  • An engineer is cleaning dirty tubes.

    Tube Cleaning

    Scales inside the heat tube interfere with heat transfer, reducing the life time and efficiency of the device, so regular cleaning is required.

  • Three-dimensional bar graph, expressing energy efficiency.


    Better performance and reduced energy consumption improve your chiller's reliability (Actual improvement values may ​​vary by site).