HnA-Inverter-02-2-REF-Making-Life-Fresher-D HnA-Inverter-02-2-REF-Making-Life-Fresher-M
*Compared to refrigerators with LG conventional Smart Inverter Compressor. Based on UL test comparing temperature fluctuation over time between LGE model B606S and B607S, using LG internal test methods.
**Based on test result by UL using the IEC62552 energy consumption standard, comparing LG’s linear inverter model B607S (2017) to LG’s conventional inverter model B606S (2016).
  • Inverter Linear Cooling

    Reliably keeping a steady, even temperature is essential to maintaining freshness. LINEAR Cooling™ controls temperature fluctuations within a ±0.5℃ range.
  • Inverter Linear Compressor

    LG provides up to 18% in energy savings, which is like taking 2 months of your electricity bill.
HnA-Inverter-03-5-WM-More-Relaxed-Life-D HnA-Inverter-03-5-WM-More-Relaxed-Life-M
*Select the 16kg 4th water level "Turbo Shot" to finish washing in 39 minutes (If Turbo Shot is not selected, 58 minutes) / Select the 22kg 3rd level "Turbo Shot" to finish washing in: 39 minutes (If Turbo Shot is not selected, 66 minutes).
**Tested by Intertek: Cotton Cycle with TurboWash™ option is finished within 39±5% minutes.
***Tested by Intertek on January 2019. Based on IEC 60456 edition 5.0 2010-02 test protocol. Normal cycle with TurboWash option, 3.5kg loads for 25" & 27" products, 2.5kg loads for 21" products.
  • Fast Washing with Turbowash3D™

    Washing can be quickly done in less than 40 min. without sacrificing performance. The TurboWash™ option can finish washing fast when you want to go out on weekends or go right to bed after staying late at work.
  • Energy and Water Saving

    TurboWash™ option not only saves your time, but it also conserves water and energy without sacrificing performance.


LG Dual Inverter Compressor makes you feel cooler all day long without any worries.
HnA-Inverter-04-3-AC-Cooler-Life-D_v1 HnA-Inverter-04-3-AC-Cooler-Life-M_v1
*Verified by TUV Rhineland using LG internal test methods, comparing efficiency between US-W242Kxy0 and TS-H2465DAO.
**Specifications may vary for each model, depending on the experimental conditions.
  • Energy Saving

    Inverter Compressor constantly adjusts its speed to maintain the desired temperature levels. The Dual Inverter Compressor™, based on its power-saving operation range frequency, saves more energy than conventional compressors.
  • Fast Cooling

    LG air conditioners begin cooling air based on its high speed cooling range with Dual Inverter Compressor™, expelling air farther and cooling spaces faster.