We are only two months away from 2022, and life has become extremely tangled with technology and electronics, and our dependance on them has grown exponentially ever since the pandemic regarding work, education, banking services, governmental services, and much more. Owning a reliable laptop that allows you to get your online work done easily, quickly, and practically is essential today, and that is where lightweight laptops come in. But what makes lightweight laptops a smart purchase? Why should you stop eyeing them and finally buy one? What do they offer? LG has the answers for you.


Slim laptops are built to be portable and convenient as they do not take much space in your backpack or suitcase, and you can carry them wherever you go, making them ideal for travelers, students, and professionals who endure much travelling and setting changes. For instance, the LG gram 14 Ultra-Lightweight and Slim laptop is only 2.2 lbs in weight, making it as light as a feather; It cannot get easier to carry a laptop around.

 LG gram 14 Ultra-Lightweight and Slim laptop

Battery Life All Day Long

With LG, lightweight laptops equal extraordinary long battery life, unlike the average big and thick laptops. How come? LG's slim laptops are built with watt-hour value that is just right for making your laptop's battery life last all day long, and no, we are not joking, the battery life of the LG gram 14 Ultra-Lightweight and Slim laptop lasts for 25.5 hours! You can forget that charging cord at home, no problem!

LG Battery Life All Day Long

Powerful Performance

LG delivers lightweight i7 processor laptops of powerful performances that specialize in meeting your intense productivity needs. The i7 processor laptops maintain the CPU performance up to 1.2X, besides their Iris Xe graphics that make great use to those working with much visual content since they provide 1.8X graphic performance, making the laptop's resolution incredibly high and satisfying. In addition, all LG's lightweight laptops provide high resolutions of(2560x1600) and (1900x1200), making the colors look vibrant and real.

Powerful Performance with i7 processor

Looks Real, Sounds Real

Not only are LG's lightweight laptops of high resolution, but they are also unique for giving high audio quality that is of rich sound and little distortion, all thanks to their 2W speakers and MAX 5W Smart Amp. You will receive the same high quality of sound whether you are using headphones or not, since DTS:X Ultra provides an impressive 3D Audio Rendering that makes audio as real as possible.

Convenient and Secure

Convenient and Secure

LG is ensuring a convenient and secure use of their lightweight laptops as you carry them with you on the go. To keep them safe from curious hands, LG's lightweight laptops have a fingerprint reader, so the laptop launches with a touch, as it also gets rid of your worries about forgetting your password. LG's lightweight laptops also empowers you to access your smartphone through Virtoo, as you can mirror your smartphone's screen on your laptop.

What are you waiting for?

The LG lightweight laptops are eager to become of your use and make your daily busy work life or student life easier, safer, more efficient, and convenient, and of course, lighter!

Life's Good!

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