When life gets messy and dusty, a good vacuum cleaner will save the day. Vacuum cleaners are essential for every home. If you moved out recently and never cared or actually handled the house cleaning yourself, you have to know it is impossible to keep your new home neat without the right vacuum cleaner.

But talking about purchasing a vacuum cleaner isn't as easy as it sounds; you need to find the one that suits your exact needs. You go to the market thinking you will grab one, pay for it, and then take it home. But you get there, and it hits you; there are many vacuum types with different features.

No need to worry; LG experts are here to help you pick the best vacuum for you.

Vacuum Cleaner Types

First things first, let's introduce you to the types of vacuums you may encounter in your vacuum shopping journey. After all, you don't want to feel lost when the salesman starts dropping weird names you've never heard of. Actually, with LG, you won't have to talk to anyone. This guide we will help you choose the right vacuum, find it on our website, and then purchase it online from your preferred supplier.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

A cordless vacuum cleaner can be described in one word, convenient. It is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that doesn't need to be plugged in to be used. So, you can carry it around the house and cover as much space as needed without draining your power. And to add to the convince, LG got had put your needs first by offering you the best cordless vacuum with the most advanced features that you can purchase online with one click.

cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a smart inverter motor, anti-tangle brush, and built-in brush. With these in hand, you'll get to clean every corner and keep your home dust and pet hair-free.

LG Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Drum Vacuum Cleaners

Compared to cordless stick vacuums, drum vacuums are bigger. But they will serve you well if you are the kind of person that owns a considerably large home. They are characterized by large capacity, so you can use a drum vacuum more than once before you have to empty it. And with its powerful suction, you will get the perfect cleaning results.

With LG, you can purchase a drum vacuum cleaner with 21 dust capacity and 2,000-watts max power. Did you say dust? We know no such thing.

LG Drum Vacuum Cleaners

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

As the name suggests, a bagless vacuum cleaner doesn't encompass a replaceable dust bag. It uses a cup or a chamber to store the dirt. The cup can be emptied and cleaned when needed. But that doesn't mean you will have an issue cleaning it. The canister of a bagless vacuum cleaner is easy to empty and clean. You will also enjoy powerful suction with these kinds of vacuums.

With LG, you don't have to worry about dust particles being released into the air. LG's bagless vacuum cleaner employs an EPA 11 filter, which captures the finest particles of dust, leaving you with a clean home and maintaining fresh air.

LG Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

We all think vacuuming is a tedious chore and wish someone would take it off our backs and do it on our behalf. Well, your wishes will come true with LG's HOM-BOT vacuum. Our low noise vacuum cleaner will do the job for you; just lie down, let it bounce around using its long side brushes and digital bumper, and enjoy the ultimate cleaning results.

LG Drum Vacuum Cleaners

What Things to Consider when Looking for a Vacuum

Now that you are familiar with the different types of vacuums, you are probably asking yourself they all have good features, but which one should I choose? There are several factors to consider making the right choice:

Your Home Size

If you have a big home, you should probably consider purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner. They are lightweight, and you won't be limited to the locations of electrical outlets, so you'll move around freely.

The bigger the space, the more dust you will have to vacuum. So, if you like to vacuum every other day and don't want to empty the vacuum bag a lot, then a drum vacuum cleaner will serve you well since they have a bigger capacity.

The Type of Floor You Will Be Cleaning

Will you be vacuuming bare floors, carpets, or both? You must purchase a vacuum that is easy to use with both. It has to be functional with heads that fit different types of flooring. But this won't be an issue with LG's vacuums; we designed all our vacuums to offer ultimate convenience. They are suitable to clean all sorts of flooring.

Do you Own a Pet?

If you are a dog or a cat owner, you are the one to how much fur they shed every day. As a pet owner, you must vacuum regularly to prevent the hair from accumulating. But it can be tiring to take the vacuum cleaner out every day to clean. This is why we recommend a robotic vacuum cleaner; turn it on and let it vacuum while you do other chores.

Life's Good!

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