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Artificial Intelligence for a Better Life

LG is building an AI strategy designed to make life easier for customers.

Published by FORTUNE
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Artificial intelligence (AI) might sound like science fiction, but it’s real. And it’s already transforming various aspects of life and improving the way people accomplish ordinary tasks.

"Although still in its early stages, AI is currently one of the most researched technologies in the world," says Seong-jin Jo, CEO of consumer electronics company LG Electronics.

AI will play a key role in consumer electronics, enabling companies to better understand the needs of consumers and improve the quality of their lives, Jo says.

LG has developed its own algorithms to help provide innovative solutions. In line with its vision of “Innovation for a Better Life,” it launched LG ThinQ, a line of consumer electronics equipped with AI technology.

LG ThinQ products are designed to simplify consumers’ lives by reducing the effort needed for everyday routine tasks.

For example, LG’s wide range of 4K UHD TVs featuring AI ThinQ, including its top-rated LG OLED TVs, can be used for both watching favorite programs as well as searching for information online through voice commands, enabling users to do two things at once. The LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator reduces the time mulling over what to eat by recommending reci-pes that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

And the LG V40 ThinQ smartphone’s AI Cam feature taps into the phone’s intelligence to capture and recommend an alternative shot to the one taken by the user, taking away the hassle of adjusting camera settings each time. In addition, LG’s AI speakers can serve as the center of your home with its Google Assistant capabilities, using your voice to control other devices as well as its own speaker features.

LG ThinQ also comes with voice and visual innovations that enable products to recognize imag-es, language, and space, changing the way users interact with everyday appliances.

By incorporating AI, our products learn the behavior patterns of users and improve on their performance based on that data,

Jo says. "Reading manuals will soon be a thing of the past, as products will be learning from the users themselves."

By forging partnerships with global corporations, LG hopes to offer an integrated AI experience not only for the home but also for vehicles and public spaces. "We look to gradually expand our product lineup where there is more demand, and ultimately create a whole new ecosystem where AI helps to maximize convenience for the users and positively change their lives in the long term," Jo says.

The philosophy behind ThinQ products and LG’s vision for AI is what the company calls "Evolve, Connect, and Open." Thanks to proprietary AI algorithms, LG ThinQ products have the ability to learn and evolve the more they are used, adapting to user habits.

"This will enable the products to deliver a more personalized experience for customers," Jo says. "By integrating this ability into a diverse portfolio of everyday appliances, it offers a seamlessly connected experience for the user, where products will be able to share the information analyzed from the user data."

All of this will be implemented using an open strategy, in which LG will seek collaborations and partnerships with other companies to provide the best possible AI solutions.

"The world has become too complex for any one company to insist on a proprietary closed solution," Jo says. "This is why we focus on strengthening user experience, whether it comes from our own or from an external partner’s solutions."