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How LG's ThinQ Home is changing how we live

From TVs to robot vacuums and even smart refrigerators, find out how LG’s AI powered devices are making everyday chores a breeze.

Published by WIRED
LG AI robot Cloi is showing up on blue background color

Credit Charlie Surbey

Our home should be our place of refuge, the space in the world where we feel most comfortable. But whether it's cleaning up after a party, preparing a meal to impress a guest, or just deciding what film to put on after work, it takes commitment to keep your house feeling like home.

Luckily, it’s chores like these that artificial intelligence can make a breeze. LG studied living space trends and found three key themes that people desire from theirs: integrated and open; personalized and segmented and connectivity. Combine this with LG ThinQ’s innovative technology, and the result is the LG ThinQ Home:

A recreated space installed with interconnected intelligent devices that work together throughout the home

– including the kitchen, living room, home office, home cinema, styling room and laundry lounge. The result is an environment that’s completely personalized to each users' needs, while keeping energy efficiency at the forefront.

LG XBoom AI ThinQ speaker is showing up on blue background color

Credit Charlie Surbey

The LG XBOOM AI ThinQ speaker can be situated in the living room or kitchen, connected to other smart devices and products located elsewhere, and can be conveniently controlled with your voice. Just saying,

Hey Google, start the wine party mode

for instance, will automatically dim the lights in the Home Bar and turn the lights on in the wine cellar. You’ll be able to change the whole living atmosphere with one simple command.

LG TV AI ThinQ is showing up on blue background color

Credit Charlie Surbey

Everything is connected through the LG TV AI ThinQ's Home Dashboard, regulating and controlling smart home devices in other rooms from a central location. It’s also the world’s first product to be integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The LG TV provides an entirely personalized viewing experience:

say you are watching a program featuring your favorite actor – all it takes is a simple voice command and you can search through a whole back catalogue of their work. The LG TV can also detect the level of lighting in your home and change its screen brightness accordingly. And it closely follows your viewing habits to recommend just the right show for you.

LG CordZero R9 ThinQ robot vacuum is showing up on blue background color

Credit Charlie Surbey

The LG CordZero R9 ThinQ robot vacuum is an entirely voice-controlled intelligent cleaner that adapts itself to your living space. The R9’s advanced spatial learning allows it to navigate around objects and people in its path. Its My Zone feature lets you tell the R9 which places in your house you want or don’t want cleaned, while the smart turbo enables the R9 to detect dustier floors, or a material that requires a bit more oomph, and adjust its suction power accordingly. Finally, its Home View mode provides a camera feed for you to check in on your family and pets.

This isn’t the only household object LG has revolutionized. Based on its communication capabilities with other key kitchen appliances,

The LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator acts as a central hub for your kitchen,

from recommending delicious recipes to preheating your oven to just the right temperature and starting the dishwasher. The refrigerator can also save energy by letting you see inside it, through the tinted glass panel, so you won't need to open the door. It even offers useful maintenance tips and alerts you to potential problems before they occur.

LG G8X ThinQ is showing up on blue background color

Credit Charlie Surbey

Finally, the LG G8X ThinQ is a phone that offers a whole new way to multitask, enjoy content and socialize. Its signature Dual Screen lets users switch effortlessly between displays–you can game across two screens and use multiple applications at the same time. Combined with this, the phone’s AI Cam and AI Action shot can help you capture that perfect photo, recognizing the subject you’re shooting and adjusting shutter speed, exposure, saturation and more. Finally, the phone’s Google Lens is a must for people who want to get out and explore the world: translate text, identify plants, animals, landmarks and much more straight off the screen.