Cassava or white yam 0.5kg
Water 1cup
Butter 2tbsp
Salt and pepper 1EA
Category : Fufu (Cc-3)
Weight Limit : 0.5 ~ 1.0 kg
Utensil : Microwave-safe bowl
Food Temp : Room

1. Place the unpeeled yams or cassava in a large bowl, and pour water. Cover with plastic wrap and vent.
2. Place food in the oven. Choose the menu and press start to cook.
3. Drain the yams or cassava and let them cool.
4. Peel the yams or cassava, chop them into large pieces and place them into a large bowl with the butter, salt and pepper.
5. Mash with a potato masher until very smooth.
6. Place the fufu into a large serving bowl. Wet your hands with water, form into a large ball and serve. You can also make smaller balls for individual servings.

Easy to follow the recipe with 4 control pad steps
Step 1 : Press “STOP/CLEAR” button at the bottom of the control pad.
Step 2 : Press “Menu you’d like to have” once [eg: “Continental Menu” once.]
Step 3 : Choose the weight of ingredient “Press MORE four times to enter 0.4 kg.”
Step 4 : Press “Start” and Prepare to enjoy the meal!

*The control pad steps work on Grill and Solo models only.