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[TV] Connecting Cell phone

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  • Last Updated 05/08/2014


Connecting Cell phone



MHL (Mobile High-definition Link)


MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) is an interface that enables users to play videos and sounds in the

cell phone on the TV by connecting the two.


Check for HDMI input 3 (MHL) terminal in your product before using MHL.


Please use the MHL cable.


When a cell phone is connected to HDMI input 3(MHL) terminal, the cell phone’s screen is displayed on the TV.

 - Only cell phones those support MHL can be used.

 - Some applications may be used with the remote control.


Disconnect the MHL cable from the TV : 

 - When not using MHL feature.

 - When charging of the cell phone is complete in the standby mode.






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