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LG webOS TV - Screen Problem


[LG webOS TV] Screen Problem


If you experience any of the problems below while using the product, please check the following:

There may be no problem with the product.


First of all, perform a  home   settings   advanced setting  Picture Picture Test

for check any abnormalities in the TV.









symptom  The screen overlaps or there are stripe patterns on

           all channels/ programmes   or on a specific channel/ programme .


              Turn the antenna toward the broadcasting station or connect the antenna correctly in accordance

              with the "How to Connect an Antenna" section.



symptom  The screen shakes after the momentary appearance of
         vertical/horizontal lines and net pattern .

             Stop using items such as wireless telephones, hairdryers, electrical drills etc.

             The problem is caused by high-frequency electronic devices such as another TV

             or strong electro-magnetic sources.



symptom  A digitally broadcasted channel/ programme stops or its screen is broken.

             - This happens when a signal is weak or reception is unstable.

               Adjust the antenna direction or check the cable connection.

             - If the signal strength is too low in  home   settings   advanced setting  Channels/Programmes

                ► Channel/ Programme Tuning Manual Tuning contact the broadcasting station

               or management office to have the signals checked.






symptom  I cannot see digital broadcasts even though I am using a cable television.

             Check your subscription information with your cable television service provider

             or ask for the signal to be checked.
             (Some products do not provide digital broadcasts.)



symptom  The screen is blank or the image is blurred when an HDMI cable is used.

             Check that the HDMI ® cable meets the required standards. If it is not a certified HDMI ® cable,

              the screen may flicker or may not display anything.

             Check that the cable is properly connected. Improper connection may cause screen flicker.

symptom  It does not work when I connect a USB device.

             Check that the USB and USB cable versions are 2.0 or higher.


              Information on customer service for product problems is available in  home   settings   advanced setting 

                  ► General About This TV on the TV.



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