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LG TV - I want to use Bluetooth pairing to hear audio.


I want to use bluetooth pairing to hear audio.



    Listening to TV with wireless headphone or sound bar

    For models with LG Sound Sync. (Wireless) only


 -  Check if the headphone and sound bar has LG Sound Sync. (Wireless) function.

 -  This function may not be equipped depending on the model. Refer to the manual and check the model name.

     2013 Smart TV(including LB58, UB82, UB83 series of 2014) : HBS-700,  HBS-730, HBS-800 , BTS1 

      webOS Smart TV after 2014 : Bluetooth headphone HBS series produced by LG Electronics

  - For the models below, you need a Bluetooth dongle to utilize this function.

    ※ USB type wireless dongle of other companies is not supported. (Driver cannot be installed)

     2013 model : 32LA6600, 60/55/50/47/42/32LA6230, 39LA6200, 32LN5700 (AN-MR400 magic motion remote control + dongle)

    2014 model : 42/47/42LB5800 (AN-WF500)

     2013 Smart TV


    ① Push SMART button and go to Home Menu

    ② Go to SOUND and select Sound Out Speaker.

    ③ If you select LG Sound Sync. (wireless), it starts searching device.

       Set the Bluetooth headphone and sound bar as pairing mode.

       ※ How to pair

  LG Bluetooth headphone: If it’s off, hold CALL button and turn it on.

       LG Sound bar : Select "LG TV“ mode.

      If you push ‘select function’ button of remote control, the mode changes,

    ④  It shows device ready to pair, and if you select device, pairing starts.

         If you are able to pair the device, there will be a pop-up window at the bottom.

    ⑤   If the device cannot be searched or if you fail to pair, select “search” and restart the headphone or sound bar and set as pairing mode.        

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