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How can I connect to a Wi-fi network?


How can I connect to a Wi-fi network?


how to setup How to setup

              From the Home screen, Tapwifi connect> Settings > Networks

              wifi connect        wifi connect



              Turn Wi-Fi ON > See a list of available Wi-Fi networks. > Tap a network to connect.

             wifi connect



             A fan-shaped antenna icon shows an open (public) Wi-Fi network. Tap to immediately connect.

             Secured Wi-Fi network is shown by a fan-shaped antenna with a lock shape icon. To connect, enter password.

             wifi connect        wifi connect        wifi connect


             1.  WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)        

                  ① WLAN is also known as wireless LAN. WLAN is local area network that uses radio wave or infrared light transmission.

                  ② Access to high-speed internet is available within a certain distance from the wireless access point (AP) with a smartphone or a laptop.

                  ③ LAN card should be installed in your laptop or smart phone to use radio frequency from wireless access point (AP)

                  ④ WLAN also called Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity).

                       This term is coined as it enables easy use of wireless network and wireless data transmission system.


             2. Hotspot

                  ① A HotSpot is the WLAN base station that allow you to access to the internet over a WLAN. 
                       It also refers to areas that wireless access point (AP) is installed by the internet service provider to provide wireless LAN service.

                  ② It is also called Hot Spot Zone or Wi-Fi Zone.


             3. AP(Access Point)

                  ① AP is a device that sends signals from the wireless LAN card in a laptop or a mobile device to the network.

                  ② AP can cover within a radius of 200 meters.

                       AP is usually installed in places where are crowded with people such as the center of the city, university library or café.

                       AP can be used only in the HotSpot Zone, you can’t use it while on the move.


             4. How to set up the wireless LAN 802.11n AP?

                  ① AP that supports 802.11n provides 150~450Mbps (Maximum 600Mbps).

                  ② If AP is open without a password, set up will be automatic depending on the smartphone (a,b,g, and n) that access the AP.

                       E.g.) When a smartphone that supports 802.11n access an AP that supports 802.11 b/g/n, it will be automatically connected to 802.11n

                  ③ If you set your AP as private which requires the password, it will be connected to 802.11g (54Mbps), not 802.11n according to 

                       standardization of wireless communication code method.

                  ④ Please set up the password by following the steps below to connect to 802.11n

                       - Automatically set the frequency range to 20/40MH. 802.11n won’t be supported if it is not set up as 40MHz

                       - Use WPA-AES, WPA2-AES

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