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[G3] Which function of G3 can I use and how?

Which function of G3 can I use and how?



Function What is QuickRemote function?


             QuickRemote turns your phone into a Universal Remote for your home TV, Set top box, audio system.




             NOTE: The QuickRemote operates the same way as an ordinary remote control infrared (IR) signals.

                           Be careful not to cover the infrared sensor at the top of the phone when you use the QuickRemote function.

                           This function may not be supported depending on the model, the manufacturer or service company.



Function What is Smart Keyboard?


             Smart Keyboard recognises your keyboard typing sequences and provides you with
             word suggestions for faster input.





Function What is LG SmartWorld?


             LG SmartWorld offers an assortment of exciting content – fonts, themes, games, applications.



How to use How can I Get to LG SmartWorld from my Phone?


             1 Tap Image> Function> Apps tab > tap theImage icon to access LG SmartWorld.
             2 Tap Sign in and enter ID/PW for LG SmartWorld. If you have not signed up yet, tap Register to receive your LG SmartWorld membership.
             3 Download the content you want.
                * When you access via a mobile network, a data fee could be charged according to the data plan that you signed-up with your service provider.
                * LG SmartWorld may not be available from all carriers or in all countries.


             NOTE: What if there is no Image icon?

                        1 Using a mobile Web browser, access LG SmartWorld ( and select your country.

                        2 Download the LG SmartWorld App.

                        3 Run and install the downloaded file.

                        4 Access LG SmartWorld by tapping the Image icon.


             Special benefit only in LG SmartWorld


                1. Decorate your own style on your smartphone, use home themes, keyboard themes and fonts that are available

                    on LG SmartWorld. (However this service is available to specific devices. Please check the LG SmartWorld website

                    whether it is supported for your device.)

                2. LG SmartWorld often runs promotions for special services.





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