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LG Refrigerator - Freezer is not freezing enough.


    Food inside the freezer is thawing? 
    Ice cream got too soft?    

  This can be the rea son

    The refrigerator is turned off.

    Freezer temperature is set higher than recommended temperature.

     The freezer door is not closed properly.

     The place the refrigerator is installed is not suitable. 

     Food items inside the freezer are blocking the air vent.

    The refrigerator was installed only a while ago.

  Shall we take a clos er look ?

    Refrigerator absorbs heat and generates cold air by transforming liquid refrigerant into gas.

     And if the cold air is not evenly circulated inside the freezer or leaks through the door, it can cause the food stored to thaw.

    If the set temperature is higher than recommended temperature or if the refrigerator is installed in a place that is not suitable for refrigerators, it can affect the cooling of the freezer.


  Try this.

   Is the unit turned on?

      → Check if the light comes on when you open the door.

       If the light does not come on, there can be a power supply problem.

      Also check if the control panel lights up too when you open and close the door. If the control panel does not light up it also means that there is a power supply problem.


    Is the freezer temperature set between -16~17   °C?

    → Lower the temperature to -22   °C or -24°C.

    If the freezer temperature is set too high, the food stored may not freeze.
    Press [Freezer] button and lower the temperature.

    Wait! Here are some more tips.


     How to adjust temperature


  1.  Press [Lock] button from the control panel and unlock the unit.

  2.  Then press [Freezer] button and lower the temperature.

  3.  Location of the button may differ by model.
    Refer to your Owner’s Manual to see where the temperature adjustment buttons are.


      Freezer door is not closing properly?

     →  Take below measures to close the freezer doors properly.

    If the door is not shut properly, the warm air from the outside can get into the freezer.

    Check if the shelves and baskets are properly assembled and reassemble them if needed.

    If you are storing too much food in the freezer, take out few items to give more space.

    If you have covered the top with dust cover or stored plastic bags in the door basket, make sure they don’t get caught in the door.

    Clean the surface of the door gasket to make it easier to remain sealed.


    Is your refrigerator too close to the wall or sink? Or is it installed in a place where temperature changes frequently?

    → Make sure there is 5cm clearance between the walls.  
        Refrigerators work best in places where the temperature is maintained between 5~43   °C.
        Therefore it is recommended to use the product indoor.

    If the refrigerator is too close to the wall, it is hard for the hot air produced during the operation to escape and can affect its cooling performance.
    And in winter, when temperature goes down by a lot, the refrigerator sensor will perceive that the temperature of the freezer is low and will 
    slow down the air circulation.

    If you have placed your refrigerator outdoor such as a garage or in a place where temperature changes frequently,

    it is recommended to move the appliance indoor where less affected by weather changes.
    Do not place electrical appliances that generate heat near the refrigerator such as microwaves as the heat can decrease the cooling power.


    Are food items blocking the air vent?

    → Rearrange the food items inside the freezer so that the air vents are not blocked for better air circulation (cooling).

    Air vents located inside the freezer discharges cold air for cooling.
    If the freezer is overfilled, or the air vents are blocked by food items, it can block the air circulation and can decrease its cooling performance.

    Food items that melt quickly such as ice creams are better stored near the air vents and not in door baskets as it’s colder.


    Did you just installed the refrigerator?

     → It needs some time for the refrigerator to make enough cold air to cool down the compartments to the desired temperature.

    Start storing food items once the desired temperature is reached.

    Cold air will be produced 1~2 hours after you plug in the refrigerator. The refrigerator won’t be cold enough right after the installation so take enough time before you start storing food items.
    It can take up to 2~3 days for the refrigerator to cool down during summer.

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