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Why there are tears on the clothes after the washing cycle?

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  • Washer Dryers, Washing Machines
  • Last Updated 09/30/2015

Why there are tears on the clothes after the washing cycle?



·         There are tears on the clothes after the cycle.



1.    The drum has sharp areas tearing or snagging the clothes.

2.    The drum fins are sharp and could damage the clothes.

3.    Metal items left in the clothes could damage the clothes.

4.    Incorrect use of chlorine bleach as it’s poured directly on the clothes.


 How to fix

1.    Check the washer s drum using old cloth or soak to check any Item catch or snag on the cloth.

2.    Check the washer s fins to check sharp or damaged areas.

3.    Fasten zippers, hooks, and buckles and remove metal objects in pockets.

4.    Never pour chlorine bleach directly on fabric.

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