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LG Washer Front Load - How do I use the [Condenser Care] cycle?


How do I use the [Condenser Care] cycle?

  Do you want to maintain the condenser as clean as possible?
  Do you want to know what [Condenser Care] is?

  Shall we take a closer look?

  The condenser transforms warm and moist air from damp laundry to dry air.
  When moist air passes through the condenser, tiny dust can stick to the condenser.
  So we made our dryers to wash the condenser every time you run dry cycles.
  If you want to clean the condenser separately, use [Condenser Care] function of the dryer.  

      Wait! Here are some more tips
  You can remove the dust more effectively by running [Condenser Care] after [Air Dry] cycle.

  Try this

  If you want to clean the condenser separately in addition to the wash cycles, use [Condenser Care].

  → LG dryers automatically clean the condenser at the end of every drying cycle.
       It also automatically cleans the condenser after every 30 cycles, making it more convenient
       for you to maintain the drying performance.

     How to use the [Condenser Care]

   1) Empty the drum and take out the water container and see if the unit is filled with water.
   2)Pour 1.5l of water into the water container slot. It will make an alarm sound when it’s filled.
   3)Insert the water container back to its place.

    ※ If you have stacked the dryer on top of the washing machine, take out the Inner filter and pour water into the slot. Once the water is filled,
      insert the Inner Filter back to its place.

  Dryer alone

  Stacked on top of the washing machine


  4)Select [Condenser Care] by pressing and holding the [Steam] button for 3 seconds.
     Then press [Start] button to start the [Condenser Care].
     The name of the button may differ by model so please refer to your Owner’s Manual if needed.

  5)When the [Condenser Care] cycle is over, empty the water container.
  ※ The Condenser Care button might be named differently: [Wrinkle Care-Condenser Care] for 14/16/17kg models,
      [Tub Clean-Condenser  Care] for 9kg models.


    Wait! Here are some more tips
  Leave the door open and use the door holder to prevent it from being shut and dry the drum completely.
  For models without door holder, use a door clip and push the door until the magnet sticks.

  Keep away children and pets from the dryer when the door is open.

    Need further assistance?

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