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LG Dishwasher - Proper Loading

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LG Dishwasher - Proper Rack Loading

  • For effective washing performance, always load your dishwasher properly.

  • And make sure to do the following before loading your dishwasher.

  • Have adjustable tines that can fold up or down to fit various sized dishes which can help configure the rack for your load type.

  • Starting with the lower rack, insert plates, soup bowls, and lids between the tines positioned upright.

  • Hold down the tines to place larger dishes like pots and pans placed upside down, and make sure that all items do not touch each other.

  • Load cookie sheets cake pans and other large items on the sides or back of the rack. So they do not interfere with the rotation of the spray arms.

  • And do not prevent the detergent dispenser from opening.

  • The silver basket is removable.

  • And by using the handle, you can lift the basket to load your utensils into the separators to prevent nesting ensuring proper cleaning. Remember to load sharp items such as knives pointing down.

  • Next is the upper rack. Use the upper rack for smaller delicate items. Small plates should be positioned upright and facing the center of the rack.

  • Cups, saucers, small bowls, and glasses must be positioned upside down in the rows between the rack tines to help avoid nesting.

  • Some models have stemware holders that provides support for long stem glasses which can also be folded up to make way for taller glasses.

  • The upper rack is also adjustable with 3 available height positions to create more space.

  • To lower the upper rack, hold the rack at the center of each side hand grip to support its weight.

  • Then push the button on each side to release the rack and lower position.

  • When raising the rack, lift until it locks into place in one of the upper positions.

  • Be sure to empty the upper rack before raising or lowering the upper rack.

  • Also make sure the bottom of the upper rack and the lower rack do not interfere with the rotation of the spray arms when loaded adjust the height when necessary.

  • The cutlery Rack is suited for flatware in most cooking or serving utensils. Small prep bowls and lids.

  • The separators on the cutlery rack help keep flatware separated to boy damage and improve cleaning.

  • The tray on the left side can be adjusted to a high or low position to accommodate utensils or cutlery of different sizes.

  • You can adjust a tray by sliding the lever. The entire cutlery rack can be removed if more space is needed for the upper rack.

  • Fully extend the rack and lift up from the front until the roller clears the rails.

  • To reinstall, follow the same steps in reverse.

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