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[LG CordZero Roboking] It does not run very well. There are some areas not cleaned. (Repeat cleaning)


Causes and Symptoms

  • Depending on the cleaning mode, there is a difference in the driving pattern or the cleaning area.
  • There are foreign objects on the sensor of the roboking.
  • There are obstacles near the door to the room.
  • There are obstacles in the room.

Try this

Does it wander off in different rooms or go to other room without finishing cleaning the room?

➔ During room cleaning, if it collides frequently, then it shifts the priority to other rooms according to the algorithm, thus it might look like moving to other areas without finishing cleaning the area.

If you watch it until it is finished, then you will see it returning to the uncleaned area and finish cleaning there.

※ If set to intense cleaning mode, it will not clean entire areas.
To clean entire areas, switch to zigzag or perfect cleaning mode.
※ If set to perfect cleaning mode, it might look like moving to other locations without finishing up cleaning one area.

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➔ Zigzag cleaning

It keeps going straight forward until it bumps into an obstacle and then clean the next line when it does.

➔ Perfect cleaning

It first cleans the edges of the square with 3m * 3m and the moves like a zigzag to clean the inside.
- Edges can be cleaned repeatedly.
When moving around the edges, if there is no obstacle, then it will rotate.

➔ Intense cleaning

While drawing a circle with a diameter of 1.5m, it will increase and decrease the size and then intensely clean areas and stop where it is.
- Does not clean entire areas.
In this mode, a specific area is intensely cleaned.

Are there any foreign objects near or over the sensor of the roboking??

➔ Clean the sensor.

If there are foreign objects or dusts in the sensor, then it might fail to detect and drive properly, but just keep rotating at the same place.
(If there are foreign objects in the ultrasonic sensor or obstructing views to it, it might fail to detect an obstacle and thus malfunction.)

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→ If there are foreign objects or pollutants on the sensor, then it might fail to drive properly or keep cleaning the same place repeatedly.
Clean the sensor periodically.
→ On the rear left of the roboking, turn off the Power switch in red color.
As the roboking operates, it can cause injury.
→ Before turning the roboking upside down, make sure to remove the trash bin.
Otherwise, dusts can fall out.
→ Place a soft blanket on the floor and place the roboking upside down.
→ Using a soft cloth or cleaning brush, wipe off the charging port of each sensor.
※ The location and number of the sensors may vary depending on the model.

Are there obstacles near the door to the room?

➔ If there are obstacles near the door(door sill), then remove them.

Due to the home master function, door sills can be recognized as obstacles or it might fail to enter or escape from a certain room due to location detection errors.
Reset the home master function to try to use it one more time.

※ Home master function reset
After the booting is completed, press the [Turbo] + [Home] button at the same time for 5 seconds and check if all the LEDs are lit. → Press the [Start/Stop] button. → All the LEDs are off to indicate that it is finished.

Are there obstacles in the room?

➔ Remove obstacles in the cleaning space.

If the surrounding is too complex, then it might malfunction in perfect cleaning mode.
(In perfect cleaning mode, a square with 3m X 3m is defined and cleaning starts at the edge, thus very often, it moves along the wall.
Therefore, obstacles at the will can interfere with movement.
Switch to zigzag cleaning mode and check the surrounding and nicely arrange it.

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Surrounding likely to fail cleaning

- Rooms with many obstacles in them, or narrow space that is hard to drive: Nicely arrange obstacles and products that might interfere with driving and acquire minimal space.
- Living room with plant pots : By reducing the distance between pots, you can reduce the size of areas that cannot be cleaned.

This guide was created for all models, so the images or content may be different from your product.

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