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Blueray Disc doesn't work


Blueray Disc doesn't work


Bluray CD doesn’t play.
Bluray Disc plays only with Bluray product. (It can’t be played with ordinary DVD or audio.)

How to fix

Comparison between Blu-ray/DVD
Bluray is more developed than DVD and provides more perfect digital video and both of them have different playable files.

1. What is Blu-ray disc?  It is an optical recording storage where you can store digital data for High Definition video..  Blue-ray disc was initially manufactured to supersede High Definition Video Disc Recorder (HD VDR) and uses  a blue semiconductor laser that stores more amount of data than a conventional red laser.  Bluray Disc having same capacity with DVD Disc allows to store more data, using laser that has much shorter wavelength(405nm) to read the stored data.
Its capacity is 27GB in which you can store 13hour long ordinary video, and 2hour long High Definition video.    There are different types of Bluray Discs; BD-ROM, BD-R(Recordable), and BD-RE(Rewritable). Basing on MPEG2, Blue-ray adopted a compressed method of 'MPEG2 Transport Stream' and presents data transmission speed 36 Mbps, which is 4 to 5 times faster than conventional DVD-ROM. Having the fast data transmission, this enables a recording without quality deterioration of audio/video.

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2. What is High Definition DVD(HD-DVD)?    It is an optical storage that can save more than 40 hour long analogue TV video and 2hour long High Definition digital TV video, using blue laser with a wavelength of 405nm which is narrower than conventional DVD with that of 650nm. 
Recordable DVD is divided into three types; DVD RAM, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW.
HD DVD has 3 times the conventional capacity (Single layer: 15G, Double layer: 30G), and supports recording and playing of existing CD and DVD Disc. You can enjoy high resolution of 1080P as well, which is 6 times clearer than the conventional one.

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