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[ThinQ] (iOS) “Incorrect password for network LGE_AC_~~~” error pop-up appears when registering an air conditioner.


 How to Use LG ThinQ

An error pop-up saying Wi-Fi password is incorrect

 - Under “Enter Password“ page, do you see a pop-up that says Incorrect password for network “LG_AC_XXXX”?

 1)Agent:  To enter a password, repeat the last 4 characters of the on-screen network ‘LG_AC_XXXX’ twice.    

                   So try again by entering the last 4 characters twice.


                   Note that the password field is case-sensitive. So you should enter the correct letter case (uppercase or lowercase) to connect your product.

                         Ex) SSID : “LGE_AC_2F72” →  Enter “2F722F72”  

  2)Agent:  Did you enter the password with first letter capitalized?

                   Note that iPhone has an automatic capitalization feature that applies to the first character of any word typed after a period.

  3)Agent: There might be a chance that another smartphone user nearby have made the connection. So turn off your product and try

                  re-connecting your product.

                  ※When registering a product, only 1 smartphone should be connected.

                        If another user’s smartphone is connected or have been connected before, an incorrect password pop-up will show up even after entering         

                        the correct password.

      ☞  Product’s Wi-Fi name : LG_AC_(4-character combination of letters and digits)

           Password : Enter the 4-character password involving letters & digits twice (total of 8-characters)



       - LG_AC_1234 password = 12341234                                                                                                                                      ※ Precaution : Lowercase or uppercase English letters must be entered

       - LG_AC_abcd password = abcdabcd                                                                                                                                                                as lowercase and uppercase respectively.

       - LG_AC_ABCD password = ABCDABCD

       - LG_AC_1a2b password = 1a2b1a2b

*Required question