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Inqueries for Video Contents Size

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  • Last Updated 11/22/2012

Inqueries for Video Contents Size


Defect (Inquery)Symptom

When playing the video file, the size is smaller than TV display size, the video doesn’t fit to the TV size.



It is because the original size of the video file is small.
Do you want to watch it Full Size for the TV Display?

     - It is possible to adjust the size from “the option” “Play Video Setting”

     - Size setting is possible to set as 2 modes(Original Mode, Full Mode)

       If you want to watch it as a original size, choose (Original Mode),

      If you want to watch it as a full size, choose (Full Mode)


※ However, If you watch it as a full size, it expand the horizontal & vertical part of the video forcibly,

   The picture quality would be worse than the original.


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