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    LG TV - I want to delete certain channels.
    I want to delete certain channels.Symptom If you want to add/delete channels after auto channel tuning, you can use editchannel function. ※ Deleted channels are not shown when you operating remote control (up/downchannels), but they appear ...
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    [LG TV Connection] What type of cable are you trying to connect?
    Try this--------Please check the type of cable you wish to connect.How to connect an external input device① Connect your DVD player to your TV using an A/V (yellow/red) cable. Be sure toconnect the video (yellow) and audio left (white)/righ...
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    LG TV - LG webOS TV - How to Use LG Connect Apps
    [LG webOS TV] How to Use LG Connect Apps How to Use LG Connect Apps ► ► ► Network ► LG Connect Apps LG Connect Apps Provides apps, like photo sharing or mobile-deviceremotes, with the ability to access and control certain features of your T...
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    [LG TV Screen Sharing OLED] How can I enable AirPlay?
    AirPlay is Apple’s wireless feature that allows streaming audio, video, devicescreens, and photos from Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, toTVs.If you have a smartphone that supports screen sharing, you can stream the scre...
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    LG TV - Channel Menu Settings
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    I want to connect Amazon Alexa
    By connecting an AI speaker to your TV, you can use some of your TV's featureswith voice recognition.Please note the following before connecting your AI Speaker.If you're connecting your TV and AI Speaker via the Alexa app, you'll need toma...
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Game App

You can enjoy more games by downloading them to an external device(USB memory, HDD). Use the links below to download.
NOTICE : Please prepare a USB memory or HDD to save Game App. files.

  • Bobble Pong

    Match three or more consecutive bubbles of the same color using the arrow. The matching bubbles will pop and your scores will rise.

  • Monster World

    Get various items while avoiding monsters and pumpkins. Once you remove all monsters you can proceed to the next stage for more items!

  • Valentine

    Match chocolate pieces by following each recipe to make it complete.