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Isn’t the lamp lit inside the product? (Refrigerator)

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  • Last Updated 02/19/2015
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1-1. For convenient food storage inside the refrigerator, 1-2. there are lamps in the refrigeration chamber and the freezing chamber. 2-1. But, some general refrigerator models, 2-2. the function is not applied, so take note. 3. LG uses 2 types of bulb lamp type and LED lamp type models. 4-1. For lamp types, customers can easily replace the lamp after removing the cover, 4-2. and LED models are difficult for the customers to replace them by themselves, 4-3. so if the light is out or if it is blinking, 4-4. contact LG Electronics service center.

Isn’t the lamp lit inside the product? (Refrigerator)

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