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Is freezing function unsatisfactory or is the food in storage melting? (Refrigerator)

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  • Not Cold Enough
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  • Built in Appliances, Refrigerators
  • Last Updated 02/19/2015
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1-1. If food is melting, first check the freezing set temperature, 1-2. and if it is set to “weak”, adjust the temperature to “medium” or higher. 2-1. If it is under direct sunlight, or too close to heating equipment such as gas range, etc., 2-2. or check if hot food is stored without cooling it down. 3-1. Especially, if the product is not ventilated during the summer, freezing may be weakened, 3-2. so maintain adequate gap from the wall for good ventilation. 4-1. If there is too much food in storage, cold air may not be circulated, 4-2. or the door may not be fully closed to weaken the freezing. 5. Arrange the food in the storage again. 6-1. If the temperature at the refrigerator installation place is too high or low, 6-2. a problem may occur to the function. 7-1. Please install the refrigerator at a place with good ventilation 7-2. and the ambient temperature of temperature of 5℃ or higher and 43℃ or less.

Is freezing function unsatisfactory or is the food in storage melting? (Refrigerator)

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