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Is there water leakage inside the product’s refrigerator / freezer?

  • Leaking
  • Inside Refrigerator or Freezer
  • Troubleshooting
  • Built in Appliances, Refrigerators
  • Last Updated 02/19/2015
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1-1. If there is water leakage inside, wipe the accumulated water, 1-2. and check if the water leakage occurs again after a while. 2-1. If it does not occur after wiping the water, it may came from steam 2-2. or moisture from food with a lot of moisture, so you don’t have to worry. 3-1. If dew is formed on the wall, it is generated by hot air outside meeting the cold air 3-2. made from the refrigerator when the door is opened and closed during the hot summer, 3-3. and it is the same phenomenon as the water drops on the glass 3-4. when a glass with cold water is taken out from the refrigerator. 4. Wipe with a dry cloth and continue to use. 5. If hot food is stored without cooling it down, it may cause water leakage. 6. Please store hot food after cooling it down.

Is there water leakage inside the product’s refrigerator / freezer?

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