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α9 Gen2 Intelligent Processor Meets AI

*The above functions are created by using deep learning AI technology, to improve the picture quality and sound quality.
*The conventional mentioned in this content is based on the previous LG models and the images are simulated.

AI Has An Impact on Picture Quality

The 2nd generation α9 Intelligent Processor which learned millions of contents recognizes the quality of original contents. It optimizes clarity, sharpness, details and brightness with deep learning AI algorithm by analyzing content and ambient lights to accomplish crystal clear images.
*Ambient optimization function is limited to HDR content.
Dolby Vision HDR optimizes your picture to bring unforgettable viewing experience.
Now it feature AI brightness technology that even adjust for the changing light in the room. From morning to night, brightness and darker environments.

AI has an impact on sound quality

The 2nd generation α9 Intelligent Processor optimizes sound by audio genre by identifying voice, effect and frequency. Moreover spatial recognition technology helps to offer balanced sound to fit your space.

AI Acoustic Tuning

Get the best sound no matter how you have arranged your room and where you are sitting. With the technology recognizing your watching spot, you can fully enjoy the optimized sound.
*This feature is available by turning on One Touch Sound Tuning in sound setting mode.