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Key Features

  • Picture-on-Glass
  • Infinite Contrast
  • Perfect Color
  • Sound Bar Stand
  • Sound Designed by harman/kardon

available sizes:

Awards and accolades keep pouring in for LG OLED TV

See how the experts view LG OLED TV






For the first time, an ultra-thin OLED panel has been bonded on a transparent glass plate. As a result, the stunning design of the LG OLED TV matches its perfect picture quality.

Soundbar fod

Sound Bar Stand

The LG TV sustains itself on a strikingly elegant stand, which also comes with an integrated Sound Bar speaker. To deliver flawless sound to your ears, the Sound Bar directs its sound frontwards. Enjoy rich and deep sound in every scene.



Witness a truly starry night on the LG OLED TV — the stars previously blurred on the LCD TVs, have become clearly visible. The mechanism behind this clarity is the OLED HDR that fully supports both Dolby Vision and the Ultra HD Premium. LG OLED TV shows every detail there is in both dark and bright images of the picture.

Dolby Vision, derfor har det noget at sige!

Dolby Vision, Why Does It Matter?

LG OLED HDR supports Dolby Vision, which ensures brighter and sharper images are delivered with better contrast and strikingly improved colors.

OLED BLACK kan godt give et sug i mellemgulvet

OLED BLACK Brings About
a Sense of Awe to Universe

“LG’s OLED TVs, with their ability to deliver deep blacks, showcase the recently announced NASA TV UHD channel in the best possible way, taking consumers much closer to the real experience of being in space.”

- Harmonic, NASA’s official partner for NASA TV UHD Channel -


Self-lighting Pixel

Just like a living organism, these pixels turn themselves on and off, generating perfect black where perfect colors come alive.
Because the backlighting panel is no longer needed, the design of the LG OLED TV looks stunning with minimal structuring.
The LG OLED TV’s self-lighting pixels are the architects of perfection that no other TVs can ever come close to.

Huippuluokan kontrasti

Infinite Contrast

Stars shine the brightest in the pitch black sky. You can see this type of black with infinite contrast on the LG OLED TV completely turning off its self-lighting pixels.

Fuldendt farve

Perfect color

The expanded color scope of the LG OLED TV brings billions of lifelike colors are revealed in perfect black. Let the vivid wonders of timeless masterpieces speak for themselves in the most vibrant, life-like colors.


the Perfect Match for Netflix

Enjoy Netflix's 4K contents on LG OLED TV in top quality and smarter way through LG's award winning webOS platform.

webOS 3.0

webOS 3.0

The LG OLED TVs take the simplicity and fun of webOS to an even greater level of entertainment with webOS 3.0. For one reason, and one reason only – so you can easily stay on top of your prime time viewing.

Magic Zoom

Magic Zoom

Magic Zoom can enlarge live screens while viewers watch. By pressing the Zoom key on the remote control, the scene can be enlarged to catch the details.

Magic Mobile Connection

Magic Mobile Connection

Magic Mobile Connection allows viewers to enjoy smartphone content on their TV with ease.
Additionally, using just a Wi-Fi connection, they can enjoy their music and video apps on the big screen.

Magic Remote

Magic Remote

Magic Remote can operate everything on the TV and set-top box at the same time using motion and voice controls. Take control of your entertainment experience with a new level of remote control convenience. Spend less time for searching and more time for enjoying.

Lyd designet af Harman-Kardon®

Sound Designed by harman/kardon®

As perfect picture quality goes well with topnotch sound quality, the sound of the LG OLED TV has been designed by harman/kardon®. Let the highly refined harman/kardon® sound further enhance your premium viewing experience.

Display Module
Broadcasting System
HW Platform
Main Feature
DVR(Time Machine)
Smart Share - Media Share
Smart Share - Screen Share
Voice Recognition
TV - Side(Jack Type)
TV - Rear(Jack Type)

What People Are Saying


  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Sini. N. Sudhakaran Jun 21. 2018
    Sini. N. Sudhakaran

    LG OLED TV had got excellent picture quality,colours of the pictures look so beautiful and realistic in this TV. I used to do basic glass paintings when i am free.. i want to see my paintings in this TV. I would like to thank LG for giving me a chance to participate. I wish to win in this.. Thank you so much

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Tehminazeshan May 21. 2018

    I love lg products actually the quality is super and best results every single electronics I buy TV and also fridge I recommend lg electronic my brother my sister also use lg electronics very nice service I always prefer this company.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Melody Gayle Gonzales May 21. 2018
    Melody Gayle Gonzales

    I would definitely recommend lg tv to all my family and friends because it has the best ever features

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Cherry Galicia May 21. 2018
    Cherry Galicia

    I like this OLED TV , the color and the feature quality is much vivid,It feels that you are present in it. I wolud recommend this OLED TV as they are sets the lighter and thinner than LCDs, as they don't require a separate backlight.I really like to watch movies .

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Melissa May 21. 2018

    Loves to take a snapshot of places where you will relaxed with using lg.ilove LG

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Jnalyn manabat May 21. 2018
    Jnalyn manabat

    LG OLED TV is excellent to use because of its crisp and lively color of its perfect screen. It's like all you can see is so real. LG OLED allows me to enjoy the best shows and movies at home with cinema-like quality. Enjoy brilliant brights and the deepest darks for infinite contrast, full richness, detail and an exceptional viewing experience, closer to what filmmakers intended. Realistic sound of OLED to a whole new immersive level.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : John Henry Abinales May 21. 2018
    John Henry Abinales

    LG always bring people into innovation which create an amazing experience that could never be forgotten. With this, everyone could probably enjoy and lift themselves into the next level of their achievement which can also be a success for the people that would be experiencing it with their daily life...

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Mohammad Estanboli May 15. 2018
    Mohammad Estanboli

    I recommended it , it is very good tv everything can do , very thin good for both apartments and villas , picture quality very good , volume is clear , easy to browsing to connect internet nice magic remote

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Noura May 14. 2018

    Amazing product - great sound and screen Remote control is something very interesting and very comfortable Thank you LG

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Ruba Mahmoud May 14. 2018
    Ruba Mahmoud

    LG OLED is one of the finest TVs money can buy, and is the best choice for those who like the finer things in life.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Shazia Amanat May 13. 2018
    Shazia Amanat

    LG OLED technology is one of the top technology in TV. Althought there is other good brands available in market like sony & Samsung but LG OLED picture quality is way better than that. Colors are vivid and Deep, smart control is super. OS is best and easy to use and best part is magic remote. Sound quality is clear and latest. I love to have LG OLED TV and i will always recomend to my friend & family zone. And most of them who bought already they are also loving the picture quality , designe and Thickness.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Gina May 13. 2018

    An excellent, Have been using it for about a month now. Worth the extra buck you pay for the OLED. Picture clarity is incredible. It has a great picture, clear images like I have never seen before. Bright colors, great blacks and 4K is a picture like no other. I would recommend this TV to anyone who enjoys watching movies, sports, game. Also, Very user friendly features. Best picture quality out there and love the ease of using the remote like a mouse.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Marilyn May 12. 2018

    It's such a gorgeous TV. Very thin good for both apartments and for villas. The clarity and volume is great. There feeling to go the movies just won't be the same when u have a theater aka LG OLED at home. Prize wise it's an amazing deal. The staff mirdif Mall are great n helpful

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Mubbashir Ali May 12. 2018
    Mubbashir Ali

    My wife told me if I bought this she'd never speak to me again. Finally I have some peace.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Dr. Mohamed Hisham Elamary May 12. 2018
    Dr. Mohamed Hisham Elamary

    The amazing true black colors you can't defeat, and the HDR almost same as the natural eye. Keep up the excellent job.

  • 8/10
    Reviewed by : Dhanya Girish May 11. 2018
    Dhanya Girish

    It's just awesome....I have been using lg products for the past 2-3 years and indeed its one of the best....the hd view is just awesome...keep it up

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Ken Trasmonte May 10. 2018
    Ken Trasmonte

    LG OLED TV is excellent to use because it is the best high-end TV, and saves you money by leaving out extra features that won't noticeably improve image quality.Its really recommendable to my friends.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Deepa May 10. 2018

    In both my study and my living room, I have the LG OLED TV as this is as good as watching something live with your own eyes. Amazing clarity, awesome sound and this definitely is my first choice. I spend hours watching my favourite movies on it without straining my eyes and still feel awesome. A true mode of entertainment. The size is perfect for my hall and living room and now I don't even think of going to the cinemas anymore. All thanks to LF OLED TV. Bless you.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Salle May 10. 2018

    I think the LG OLED TV is the best due to its great versatility and picture quality at a reasonable price. That's why we highly recommend the LG OLED. Also, it has great reflection handling, so the image remains accurate.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Terence Vaz May 10. 2018
    Terence Vaz

    Ever ever have I seen image quality such as this. The blacks never looked so black. Changes the viewing experience completely. Can't wait to get my hands on one.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Najiya parvin Naushad May 10. 2018
    Najiya parvin Naushad

    Smart cooking and sensible Eating! With an awe-inspiring picture created by perfect blacks and incredible color, even from wide viewing angles, LG OLED TVs transported me on a culinary journey to experience every seasoning sprinkled, vegetable chopped and protein sauteed with the ultimate precision and clarity that only OLED technology can deliver.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Yasmin May 06. 2018

    Amazing design, amazing #picture_quality Close to Perfection. Once I found the LG OLED TV in the shop, I couldn't stand moving anymore. Even There's really not much to know about the technology of display, I'm sure LG display and OLED TV is the world best. I'll highly recommend the Best is the LG OLED TV. #REview_OLED_TV

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Bellona Kwon May 05. 2018
    Bellona Kwon

    Ive seen other TVs but LG TVs are most vivid most clear most natural but more than that, my eyes are not even hurting at all! I feel LG found the best moment of the clearness and colors not too much exaggerated but just best!

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Ali Omardrez Apr 29. 2018
    Ali Omardrez

    LG OLED TV is the best choice of TV for me. Especially it ensure a perfect fit for the NATURAL scene. Picture quality is nothing short of stunning, and makes it one of the best performing sets this year, not to mention one of the best value. Contrast is outstanding, detail levels are high, and colours are vibrant but believable. It was a great TV at its review price.

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Mansoor Apr 29. 2018

    This picture quality is so crisp it is almost unbelievable When I watching fast action sport like football with oled tv!! it also has a dedicated Sports mode preset, which you can easily switch on without too much tinkering in settings. Add to this some excellent color reproduction and impressive brightness, and the LG OLED is highly recommended for sports fans.

  • 9/10
    Reviewed by : AYISHA Apr 26. 2018

    I purchased my tv last month. It is quite spectacular and quality of sound. I don't regret to have affordable LG OLED TV. Very slim design and nice picture to see a movie !!

  • 10/10
    Reviewed by : Marta Apr 24. 2018

    I recommend LG OLED TV for those who want to buy TV. LG OLED TV is the best TV I used. My friends of visited to my house envy me because it is much higher in quality than the TV I used to watch. And as you know eyes always feel tired when watch TV on. However, LG OLED TVs are less tired. I don't know if it's my feelings, but it's much better than my previous TV!

  • 9/10
    Reviewed by : Jessy Apr 24. 2018

    The LG OLED is a good picture quality. It could be optimized to watch movies. The day with OLED makes me feel that such as I am on the trip around over the world, and I am playing with pretty dogs. We think it could be picture quality of LG OLED.


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