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[TV] LG TV Powers On and Off Intermittently

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  • Last Updated 03/10/2014


LG TV Powers On and Off Intermittently



A TV that intermittently powers on or off is usually caused by the timer setting.

1. With a TV with a removable power cord,

    check if the power cord is securely plugged into the back of the TV.

2. Check if the TV power cord is securely plugged into the wall outlet or a power strip.

3. Time menu options affect TVs turning on or off automatically.

    To check if the TV timers are set, press the Smart button on the remote controller.
    Select Settings > TIME, then press WHEEL or ENTER.



Off Time - Turns the TV off at a preset time each day.  Check if Off Time has been set.

On Time - If On time has been set or the TV has been inactive (no buttons have been pressed) 
                   for 2 hours, the TV will turn off automatically
to save power.

                   Check whether the On Time has been set.

Sleep Timer - Turns off the TV after a prescribed period of time. 

                          Check if the Sleep Timer has been set. 


Note : If the TV is turning on by itself, then set the On Time to Off.

4. If following the steps above did not solve the issue, reset the TV by unplugging from the wall outlet or power strip.

5. Wait for 30 seconds before plugging in the TV power cord.

6. Turn on the TV. If the TV continues to intermittently power on and off, contact the service center.




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