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​Video delays

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  • Last Updated 22/06/2016

Video delays


PDP, LCD, LED and OLED TVs take some time to show picture on the screen after they’re turned on, unlike their conventional counterparts.


How to fix

Check if LG logo appears normally on the screen when turning on TV.

If you use a set-top box, check if its power is turned on.

※ OLED and some models don’t show LG logo on the screen when power is turned on.

When standby light is blinking for more than 30 sec. or power is turned off after the light is flickering

When audio is heard but video is not seen, setting menu doesn’t appear although remote control menu button is pressed

SVC technician needs to visit to check.


LCD Wireless TV : 17 ~ 20 sec. (to wireless connection)

※ Time to handle signals
: Large data volume for vivid and clear picture quality

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