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[LG TV Noise] I am experiencing abnormal noise with my TV


Is there a noise coming from the back of the product?

➔ Earlier LCD models produce a significant amount of heat during operation, which leads to increased fan speed to cool down the device, resulting in noise.

The noise may be heard for a certain duration, even after the power is turned off.

Causes and Symptoms

  • I hear a buzzing sound from the back of the TV or the TV speakers.
Some products released before 2005 have a built-in fan depending on the product size and model.
Products with a built-in storage device (hard disk) for the time machine function may produce noise from the storage device.
Noise may be heard if there is any external storage device connected to the TV.

Is the noise coming from the TV speakers?

➔ If you experience noise when using an external device connected to the TV (set-top box, DVD player, Blu-ray player, PC, game console, etc.), noise from the cable or the device may be heard through the TV speakers.

Try removing the cable (component, composite, HDMI, etc.) or check if the same noise is produced even after turning off the external device.
If the noise is not heard after you remove the cable or turn off the external device, it is likely that the noise comes from the device.
In these cases, you can be assured that there is no problem with the product.

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