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When trying to watch a DVD on my LG player the picture is coming up as black and white, what could be the issue?

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  • Last Updated 16/01/2013
BD- Horizontal/Vertical Lines


Normally a black and white picture is an indication of the cables being mismatched or connected to the wrong input.

Check Other Inputs

Check the various inputs on the television to see if the problem occurs with multiple inputs.

If so, the problem is with the television itself and not necessarily with the Blu-ray player.

If not, continue with troubleshooting.

Check the Connections

Before troubleshooting can be started, you will need to determine which type of cables you are using.

Press the Enter button on the TV Remote Control to determine the current input.

Is the TV currently on the Component Input?

If so, check the component connections on both the output device and the input of the TV. The colours should match. The component cables should have a total of 5 color coded connectors and they should be firmly connected to the output and input connection.

For Video: Green(Y) / Red(Pr) / Blue(Pb)

For Audio: Red(R) / White(L)

Check for Loose Cables

Sometimes a loose connection can cause a black and white picture so you will need to check each connection on the back of the TV to ensure it is firm and secure.

Check to ensure that the cables are connected securely in both the TV and external device.

Use New Cables

Connect the output device to the television with a different set of cables to determine whether or not the problem is with the output device itself.

If the issue occurs with the different set of cables, the issue is with the output device itself.

If not, the cable being used to connect the two devices may be defective.

Try this device on another television using the same cable to see if the lines still occur.

If the issue remains, the unit may need to be sent in for repair.

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