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[Refrigerator] How can I use the ice maker?

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  • Last Updated 08/01/2015



How can I use the ice maker?

How to use

For models released after R-T873VJCBU (produced in 2013),
water is automatically is supplied and ice is collected in the ice maker.
Refrigerator stops making ice after a certain amount is collected.

For previous models

Remove ice tray and fill with water.
Be careful not to spill the water. Place the ice tray back in.
Push the ice tray in fully.

 ▶ How to dispense ice

    Turn the switch clockwise.

When ice is not dispensed, turn the switch fully.

    ② If water is not completely frozen and the tray is turned,
         ice water can fall into the ice box and stick to each other.
         (It takes about three hours for water at 20℃ to freeze completely)




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