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When I use the water dispenser on my LG fridge freezer the water seems to be coming out quite slowly, how can I fix this?

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  • Last Updated 16/01/2013


Slow water dispensing is usually the result of low water supply pressure or a disruption to the water supply.

The water filter should be changed every six months or more, depending on the usage. If not replace regularly as directed, the filter can get build-up of foreign particles which will slow the water pressure, reducing flow rate.

If there is a home water filtration system or a reverse osmosis system, check the specifications of the system. It should state what the reduction in water pressure is. An external filter will reduce the water pressure as it leaves the filtration system.

If the water line behind the refrigerator is kinked or bent, the water pressure will be reduced. Straighten any kinks in the water line.

If the water is sputtering out rather than flowing out in a steady stream, there is air in the water lines. To flush out the air bubbles, press and hold a glass to the dispenser and run water until the sputtering stops. It can take a few minutes, so keep running water until it stops.

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