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I have noticed that the external part of my LG fridge freezer has one or more of the following: scratches / dents, is bowing slightly, rusting, or slightly warm on the sides. Should I be concerned?

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  • Last Updated 16/01/2013


It is important to determine the type of issue you are experiencing with the outside of your refrigerator to see if troubleshooting can resolve it.

Cabinet Warm

If the sides of the cabinet are warm to the touch, this is normal. As the unit runs, the heat generated from the compressor and other running parts is dispersed from these areas to prevent overheating. This heat is absorbed by the walls of the unit for even distribution of the heat, which helps the unit cool efficiently. It will not affect the operation.

Be sure that your refrigerator is not installed next to any heat producing appliance, such as a dishwasher or range.

Scratched or Dented

Unfortunately, dents cannot be removed from the cabinet. For scratches, touch-up paint is available for some refrigerators. Contact our Customer Service Department for information regarding touch-up paint.

Sides Bowing Out

Some bowing out at the sides is normal. It is allowable up to 1/8”. This happens when the insulation foam is sprayed into the unit. It is liquid, but after it is sprayed into the unit is begins to expand and harden. As it expands to fill in all open areas, it can push against the cabinet and cause a slight bowing. This is one reason for the clearance requirements.


Scratches on your refrigerator that penetrate through the finish to the metal underneath expose the metal to humid air. This humidity will cause rusting. It may be possible to clean this and then apply touch-up paint to the scratch for future rusting.

When cleaning a stainless steel refrigerator, only use a residential grade stainless steel cleaner. Do not use anything abrasive, and follow the instructions precisely. Do not use a commercial grade product or a powdered stainless steel cleaner.

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