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I think the dispenser on my LG fridge freezer is leaking as I have noticed a few drips coming from it, what can I do?



It is perfectly normal for a couple of drops of water to drip from the water dispenser after dispensing a glass of water, much like a tap will drip a couple of times after turning it off. If you are noticing other leaking from the dispenser, it is important to determine what type:

Steady Stream

If your water dispenser has a steady stream of water coming out even after a glass has been removed, the lever that is pushed in to dispense the water may be stuck. Try to push in and out on the lever to see if it will release. Be careful doing this so as not to damage the lever. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, turn the water supply off to the refrigerator, and service will be required.

Consistent Drip

If your water dispenser has a consistent drip, this usually indicates that there is air in the water lines creating pressure and causing this to occur. To flush the air out of the lines, dispense 2-3 gallons of water. After dispensing the 2-3 gallons of water, check to see if the dripping has stopped. If not, check the water connections and lines for possible damage. Check the water lines for kinks or bends, which could create pressure in the line and cause the water to drip.

Random Leaking

If water appears in the drip tray randomly, this is normal. The unit goes into an auto defrost cycle 2-3 times per day, which can cause the ice in the bin closest to the door and the funnel opening to melt a little. This moisture will drip out of the funnel and into the tray.


If the dispenser flap in the door does not shut all the way, cold air escapes and can cause condensation build-up, which then drips down to the drip tray. An excess amount of condensation around the dispenser can cause the water to run down the door. Check the dispenser flap for frost or ice accumulation to ensure there is a proper seal.

Leaking From In-Door Ice Maker

If water is dripping from the dispenser and you have an ice maker in the door, check to see if the ice maker is on or off. If the ice maker has been turned off, the bucket must be emptied of all ice cubes, or they will melt and leak out of the dispenser. This is because when the ice maker is off, air is not directed from the freezer to the ice maker compartment. If the ice maker is on, make certain the door to the ice maker is completely shut.

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