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[Washing Machine] Drum Dirt

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  • Last Updated 16/06/2014


Drum Dirt




 Tub of drum washing machine rotates 360 degree. The agitator inside lifts and drops clothes for a complete washing.

 This means that the appliance can make noise if button or zipper of clothe hits inside of the drum.

 Basically, noise are created when foreign materials (coin, key, hair pin, memory wire) are touched the drum


 - In order to avoid damage and not create noise from the agitator, zip up or fasten a button of laundry and 

   turn clothes inside out 
 - Before washing, always remove all foreign materials 
 - Review
the label on washing to see if the clothes that you are washing is machine-washable 
   Be careful not to damage clothes by accessory



 Wire of female  lingerie is

 stuck                                                    Zipper                                                   Materials in pocket




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