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The laundry from my LG washing machine is being ripped/has holes in some items, what is the problem?

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  • Last Updated 16/01/2013

We would recommend checking the following:


1) Find out if the issue occurs on any particular cycle and check what kind of clothing is being ripped.

2) Delicates and items such as bras should be placed in a seperate protective bag

3) All coins and other hard objects removed from pockets

4) Check the filter to see if anything has been left in there that could have caused holes/rips during the wash.

5) Check the lifters (paddles inside the drum) to make sure there is no damage to those.

6) Check the drum itself to see if there is any damage or anything sticking up that would cause this.

7) Reduce the spin speed for delicate items


If you have checked the above points and find that your LG Washing Machine is still ripping/making holes in your clothes, then please contact our Customer Information Centre (0844 847 5454) for further assistance.



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