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Why does my LG washing machine keep powering itself on?

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  • Last Updated 16/01/2013


If your washer seems to be powering on by itself, there may be a feature or option selected that is creating this appearance, or it could be related to the power supply. Some things that could cause this are:

Direct Drive Motor

The control panel on your front load washer will light up, and may even chime if the drum is turned by hand. This is normal and not a sign of malfunction.

When the drum is spun by hand, there is a magnetic charge created by the motion in the motor. This sends a current to the control panels causing it to light up. This can also sometimes trigger false error codes.

Surge Protector

It is not recommended that your washer be operated using an extension lead or power strip. Some of these devices have their own reset function. If you are using an extension lead or surge protector, try plugging your washer directly into the wall outlet.

Power Failure

If a power failure has occurred, the unit may display a “PF” error in the display without turning the unit on. This is normal. Power the washer off and back on again to restore a normal display and resume operation.

Delay Wash

If the Delay Wash key is pressed, it will delay the start of the wash cycle. After settings are made, the delay will increase by 1 hour for each press of the Delay Wash button, for up to 19 hours. If the delay wash setting was initiated by another user in the home, this could give the appearance that the washer has started on its own.

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