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No warm air during heating

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  • Last Updated 06/08/2015

No warm air during heating




cause Cause


       ■ If a set temperature is lower than or equal to the room temperature, an indoor

          unit will stop running as the desired temperature is reached.



how to fix How to fix


       ▶ When no warm air comes out

     1) Check temperature settings on a remote controller.

     2) Check room temperature by pressing room temperature button.

     3) If the room temperature is higher than or equal to the set temperature,

              change the setting to be higher than the room temperature.

   4) When the room temperature reaches the set temperature,
              heating will stop. Please adjust temperature again for a desirable


      ▶ Warm wind does not come out when a set temperature is higher than room temperature


          - Heating is turned on when a temperature of a room that a unit is installed in is 
        lower than a set temperature.


          - Room temperature is detected by a sensor inside the product. Differences in
        temperatures may occur depending on location. Therefore room temperature
        on the remote controller and detected temperature may differ slightly.

             1) Set temperature at 30℃ on a remote controller.

             2) Check if warm air comes out in four minutes after changing temperature
                  settings. If yes, set a desired temperature.



                 remote controllers


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