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Was a dishwashing liquid used?

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  • Last Updated 14/05/2015

Was a dishwashing liquid used?



cause Cause


      ■ Use of a dishwashing liquid or baking soda can create excessive foam during a washing or rinsing cycle,

          leading to malfunctioning.



how to fix How to fix


      ■ If a dishwashing liquid was used, please wash detergent off from inside.


      ■ Some dishwasher detergents may also form excessive foam.
         Please do not use them as they can cause errors.


how to use How to use


     1.  Please use only dishwasher detergents. 


     2. Do not use dish soaps or dishwashing liquids for a dishwasher as they make excessive foam.


     3. Using dish soaps or dishwashing liquids can cause abnormal noises or lower performance.


        dishwashing detergent

                    Please use dishwasher detergents







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