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What should I do Low Rinse Aid indicator lightens up?

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  • Last Updated 19/05/2015

What should I do Low Rinse Aid indicator lightens up?




how to fix How to fix


        ■ Dish washer for 12 people) When low Rinse Aid appears on display, add more rinse aid.


        Harmfulness of rinse aid

             Amount of dispensed rinse aid at a time is extremely small (1.5cc per 1000cc (1liter) of water),
             and it is harmless to human body.

             For example, there is more surface active agent in a toothpaste used for brushing teeth.



        ■ How to add more rinse aid [for 12 people]


           → Rinse aid increases drying performance and glosses dishes by weakening surface tension of water.
                It is particularly effective for  glass wares.


           → Do not use a neutral detergent.



              how to fill rinse-aid


                1. Turn a cover counter clockwise to open.

          2. Fill the rinse aid dispenser only up to maximum level marked on the surface.

              Excessive rinse aid will leak.

          3. After filling rinse aid and setting a lever, turn the cover clockwise to close tightly.

          ※ Rinse aid will burst out when the cover is not closed firmly. Make sure it is fastened.



               rinse-aid level lever


               ● Rinse aid dispenser can be adjusted between Level 1 and Level 4.

                  At level 3, one fill can last up to about 40 cycles.


               * Use Level 4 if drying performance is low, 
                  Use Level 1 or 2 if drying performance is satisfactory.

                  (The higher the level, the more rinse aid is used)


               * Low Rinse aid indicator on display is shown when rinse-aid is almost consumed all.

                  Please add rinse aid.



       ■ How to use Extra Rinse [Dish washer for 6 people]


             1. After selecting a washing cycle, press Rinse button twice to use extra rinse. Icon will show up on display.


             2. Display and buttons for different models.





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