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How can I clean inside?

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  • Last Updated 19/05/2015

How can I clean inside of the Light wave oven/Microwave?





symptom Symptom


             1. How to clean inside.






checkpoint Checkpoint


            1. Make sure the power cord is unplugged before cleaning.




how to clean a lightwave oven/microwave by areas How to clean a light wave oven/microwave by areas

            1. Do not use benzene and paint thinner for cleaning a product exterior.

                Use a glass cleaner on a cloth or sponge to clean the front glass.


            use a glass cleaner to clean the front glass


          2. After using Steam feature, remove water from a water tank and drain before cleaning.


           When using steam feature, remove water from a water tank and drain before cleaning.


          3. Apply a neutral detergent on a soft sponge to wipe inside of the oven/microwave and clean with a dry cloth.

                When an oven/microwave is not cleaned for a long time, grease stains can linger to make it difficult to remove and cause odor.

          4. When cleaning oven cooking utencils,


                 1) Wash with a neutral detergent and dry.


                 2) Let a tray to sit in water for 30 minutes and wash with a cloth or a sponge.

                      (Do not use a metal scouring pads or the steel wool.)


                 3) Use a sponge for a broiling pan. Do not use a metal pad as coating can be damaged.



how to fix How to clean a light wave oven


           1. With steam


                 1)  Use Steam Clean feature from Multi Clean. Use detergent on a soft sponge to clean. Wipe 2-3 times.


                 2)  Cleaning immediately after cooking helps to remove food odor.


                     oven inside


                    Multi-clean feature  (Applicable to steam lightwave ovens)


                        - Steam Clean 

                            Soak old stains in the cooking room with steam and clean.


                        - Cleaning Steam generator

                            Used to clean water stains in the steam generator


                        - Dry cooking room

                            Used to dry the cooking room when humidity is high after steaming food or steam cleaning.





              2. For lightwave ovens without Steam feature


                 1) Put detergent on a wet sponge and wipe from the ceiling.


                 2) You can  easily clean around and under the heater by rubbing along the heater layers and wiping out with a damp cloth 2-3 times.

                      Deodorization feature can also be used after cleaning.





                 3. LG Smart Lightwave oven app


                 1)  Available for Android phones.


                 2)  Search LG on the Play Store and download LG Smart Lightwave Oven app.


                  3)  You can have a quick access to tutorials on how to use or clean the oven and a variety of recipes.







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