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How can I get rid of food odor in an oven?

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  • Last Updated 11/05/2015

How can I get rid of food odor in an oven?










Symptom Symptom

             1. Food odor from an oven.









Checkpoint Checkpoints


              1. Applicable model : All LG Lightwave ovens

                                                  (QR model :  MA921MBS / MA921MBN / MA921NWS / MA921NBS )


              2. It is safe to use the product if an oven can heat up.


              3. Clean after each use to reduce odor,

              4. Leave a door open or clean with a cloth.










How to fix How to reduce odor


             1. Place a cup half full with water and 2-3 pieces of lemon on a plate.


             2. Heat for 2-3 minutes with Time button.


             ※  To remove strong odor, mix coffee power and water to fill 2/3 of a cup. Heat 2-3 times in an oven.










How to fix How to remove food odor


          1. Mix coffee with water and heat up in the oven.


            2. Clean inside after cooking.


            3. Place baking soda at corners of an oven.



Add coffee to water and heat up in an oven.  Clean inside after cooking  Put the baking soda 3 to 4 places on oven floor








How to use How to use Deodorization feature


            1. Make sure an oven is empty.


            2. Select Deodorization under menu.


            3. The feature will be activated and an inner fan and heater will run for 11 minutes. 

                Once complete, a buzzer will ring.


           ※ Control panel and features may differ by model. Please refer to a user’s manual for more information.



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