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Have you ever heard of FIT or feed-in tariffs?
You may be unfamiliar with the term. It is a policy wherein electric power companies offer long-term guaranteed purchase prices to solar energy system owners.

Hong Kong is implementing the FIT policy for the entire electricity generated by solar energy system, which is valid until December 31, 2033. In other words, electricity generated from a person’s own solar photovoltaic system will be purchased entirely by electric power companies until 2033. Simply put, the moment your solar system starts generating electricity, you earn profit*. Why don’t you install LG’s solar panels and enjoy the benefit of Hong Kong’s sunlight? * The profit is decided based on the total capacity of the system, and the actual amount of generated electricity. Please refer to the table above. FIT Rate** ** Valid until December 31, 2033

Reasons You Should SelectLG Solar Panels

Product Quality In general, the expected life cycle of solar panel is about
25 years. For the stable quality in a long-term perspective,
LG operates testing system for quality assurance.
Explore how rigorously LG Solar
conducts our quality
control test here. See Video

Reasons You Should Select

LG Solar Panels

WarrantyWith confidence in the quality,
LG proudly offers you the limited
warranty of
both product and
energy output for 25 years*.
Limited Warranty for Hong Kong
* Some restrictions may apply.
For complete details of our warranty, please click the link above.

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