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[TV] Connecting DVD/Blu-Ray/HD Cable Box(HDMI)/HD STB

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  • Last Updated 27/05/2014


Connecting DVD / Blu-Ray / HD Cable Box (HDMI) / HD STB



Connect TV’sHDMI input 1(ARC)terminal and DVD’s HDMI output terminal with a HDMI cable.
Check for display and sound. Can be also connected to
HDMI input 2, 3(MHL)」.





ARC (Audio Return Channel)

- External audio devices which support Simple link and ARC should be connected to "HDMI input 1(ARC)"
- External audio devices which support ARC(Audio Return Channel) do not require an optical cable and can
  support SPDIF  by only connecting the high-speed HDMI cable which synchronize with Simple link.
How To Use
1. Turn on the TV. PressComposite Inputon the remote control to selectHDMI1When connected to
  HDMI input 2, 3(MHL) selectHDMI 2, 3accordingly.
2. Use after turning on the digital set-top box.

    (Refer to the manual of digital set-top box.)





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