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  • Last Updated 06/04/2015

Function Information


Our machine provides various washing methods which suits various conditions and types of laundry.


Different types of laundry washing:


- Normal Wash

Use this Program for everyday washing e.g. sheets, towels, T-shirts.

- Stain Care Wash

Washing is the best temperature (40 degrees) by heating the clean clothes when you want to use.

(Proper Water Temp. Hot:60°C / Cold:15 °C)

- Allergy Care Wash
This cycle is a powerful, high temperature cycle designed specifically to reduce certain allergens.

(Proper Water Temp. Hot:60°C / Cold:15 °C)

- Smart Rinse

Use this program to get better rising performance.

- Eco Wash

To save water and detergent for less than 7kg of laundry that is not too dirty.

- Silent Wash

Use this program to wash quietly at night.

- Duvet Wash

Use for blanket or duvet with (hand wash) sign.

- Towels Wash

Use this program to wash Towels, Shirts, Sheets, mixed loads.

- Delicates Wash

Wool clothes (lingerie, wool, etc.) which may be easily damaged can be washed.
The fibers of machine washable woolens have been specifically modified to prevent felting when they are machine washed.
Most handknitted garments are not made of machine washable wool and we recommend that you hand wash them
• Before washing your woolens check the care label for the washing instructions.
• When washing woolens use a mild Detergent recommended for washing wool.
• Hand washed woolens may be spun in a washing machine to reduce the time they take to dry.
• To dry woolens lay down them flat on a towel and pat into shape. Dry woolens out of direct sunlight. (The heat and tumble action of a
dryer may cause shrinkage or felting of woolen garments.) Some wool underlays and sheepskin products can be washed in a washing
machine but may cause pump blockages. (Ensure that the whole article is suitable for machine washing and not just the backing
material.) You may wish to handwash these articles and place them in the machine to spin dry.

- Favorite Wash

This setting allows you to store your FAVORITE wash conditions in the normal cycle memory.


Washing according to the condition of laundry:


- Quick Wash

Quick Wash can be selected to wash lightly soiled clothes of less than 3.0 kg in a short time.

- Soak Wash

Soak Wash can be selected to wash heavily soiled laundry by soaking in water for some time to remove dirt and grime.

- Intensive Rinse

Use Intensive Rinse to remove detergents more effectively.


Other washing method:


- Tub Clean

Use this program to clean the inside of washing machine especially Inner tub & Outer tub .

- Time Delay (RESERVATION) Wash

Time Delay (RESERVATION) Wash is used to delay the finishing time of the operation.
The number of hours to be delayed can be set by the user accordingly.

- Option Wash

When the user needs only Spin, Rinse/Spin, Rinse, Wash/Rinse, Wash, Wash/Rinse/Spin, Soak/Wash/Rinse/Spin.

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