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Why does an oven stop during cooking?

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  • Last Updated 06/05/2015

Why does an oven stop during cooking?

What should I do when a circuit breaker trips during cooking?







symptom Symptom


             1. A product stops during use


             2. A circuit breaker trips during cooking








 Cause Cause


              1. Do not use a multi-outlet strip with a voltage ampere rating lower than 250v/15A.


                  Please avoid plugging in many appliances including a rice cooker, washing machine, refrigerator, and
                  a vacuum cleaner to a multiple outlet strip, as power may turn off as a circuit breaker trips due to capacity shortage.









Checkpoint Checkpoint


            1. Applicable model :  Lightwave oven/ Steam lightwave oven (QR model: MA921MBS / MA921MBN / MA921NWS / MA921NBS )

                                                   All microwave ovens


            2. Check a voltage and ampere rating of a multi-outlet strip.


                Please make sure to use a strip with a rating higher than 250V/12A .


                When a multi-outlet strip is used, the unit can turn off during use.


        Check a multi-outlet strip

                      Check a rating of 
a multi-outlet strip



             3. A product may stop or turn off during use when it is used for a long time in a poorly ventilated area

                 as a safety device is activated. Cool down the unit before use.


                         Do not install an oven in a cabinet or enclosed area.


                                  Do not install an oven in a cabinet or enclosed area.









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